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Maybe you have seen pictures floating around the internet of a tiny adorable cardboard box robot? Well, it’s a character from the manga Yotsuba, and it has won over the hearts of many photography enthusiasts!

Mini Danbo is made by the company Kaiyodo, from the Revoltech line. The figure has movable joints and light up eyes! Danbo (Japanese for ‘Cardboard’) comes in two sizes: the mini version stands around 7cm tall, and there is a larger one which is about 13cm tall.

-Mini: 80mm; US$26.95
-Full-size: 13cm; US$79.80

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Customer Reviews


By Bobbie

I lost the stand for mine but I really like this. It's so cute and I keep it up against some books on my shelf. I love when it lights up. I had seen a few people who had had and I knew I had to get it too.


By Gizzer

Absolutely love this. First saw it in Flickr then decided I had to have one! I showed my father the pics and now I've had to order one for him too :)


By Vy

This is so cool

so cute!

By Brigette

i've seen this everywhere, and now i found where to buy it! it's just so cute, how can you resist?! (:

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