Blank Word Cards [Tango kaado]


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Each pocket-size, ringed set includes 80 blank cards to be used to create your own vocabulary cards.

The ring can be opened and closed to allow you to shuffle your cards.

Dimensions: 70 x 30mm
Cards: 80 cards per ringed set

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Customer Reviews

handy, convenient

By Lynn

These are great for learning vocabulary. Best for short definitions. The small size and the ring make them easy to carry and use anywhere. The ring opens to rearrange, add, or remove cards.


By Bobbie

I see a girl who gives these out, I usually prefer bigger cards but i think these are great because of he chain on it! :D I'll never lose them


By Teresa

These are great for learning vocabulary or short sentences. I write in pencil so when I have masted the word or phrase, I can erase it and use the card again. They are small and fit easily in your pocket or purse so you can study anywhere. [Great for learning verbs and their conjugations.]
Since the ring opens, you can remove the sheets for easy writing and also shuffle the cards so you're not memorizing the words based on order.
The papers are made of a sturdy card stock. Ive had mine for over a year and the holes are still intact.

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