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This is a whole guide about Japanese FOOD. This book comes handy for all those who love to eat and are interested to try as much local dishes as possible. It holds tons of delicious looking pictures of Japanese traditional dishes, western influenced dishes, local dishes, single ingredients, vegetables, sweets etc.... Just by looking at it you will get hungry. With this along comes helpful simple phrases and vocabularies all about food in English and Japanese. This book will help you to recognize anything you want to eat in Japan and lets you overcome the barrier that holds you from entering the restaurant with the delicious display. You can easily order or find dishes, because everything is shown by pictures. But it is not only a good guide for eating-outside. With chapters as "instant food", "soft drinks" and "everyday snack food" you also get familiar with what one can find in ordinal Japanese supermarkets. Everything is written English and Japanese with matching cute comic style pictures. So don't hesitate to show the book to a Japanese person and ask where you can eat your favorite dish.

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Customer Reviews

It's a fun little book for a beginner

By Jan De Bondt

It's a fun little book for a beginner or people who don't know Japanese yet. I'd even gift this to someone going to japan who doesn't want to learn japanese anyway. In that case, the point-and-speak idea of the book could be very useful. Especially when you have some kind of emergency.

But I wouldn't recommend it to an intermediate level or above. Unless you like to know the names of different kind of fish, other foods, names of some places and that kind of stuff.

Still, I like the way how it's presented with those little images that accompany the words // small phrases as it helps me remember the vocab. And of course, it's themed.

Don't expect furigana on the kanji, there's only modified romaji and the english translation.

The booklet also contains a section with tips on Japanese culture, but it's too bad they didn't put more details in it, but that would make it too thick to carry around perhaps :)

If you have a water-soluble marker, you can even ask people to write on the back of the book, handy! You just wipe it clean after use.

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