Tokyo Realtime: Kabukicho Audio Guided Walking Tour

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Take a stroll through Japan’s most imaginative entertainment district. JUST A FEW MINUTES FROM SHINJUKU STATION, the Kabukicho district pumps the same energy, diversity and excitement into adult entertainment as the Shinjuku area it inhabits injects into city life. You’ll dive right into the hyper-energetic mix of bright lights, boisterous crowds, less-dressed girls, loud touts and discretely guarded doors.

AS YOU WEAVE THROUGH the streets of countless bars, strip joints, love hotels, and eateries, you’ll learn about the area’s colorful personalities and history, and get insights into the real action behind those closed doors. You’ll also get introduced to great places for a drink, a bite to eat, and to soak in the local ambience at your leisure.

Praise for the Tour

Max Hodges strips Kabukicho bare in this raw, honest, and captivating tour.

Brace yourself for an hour in Hodges' company...on a tour to the heart of Kabukicho.
- Justin McCurry,

This product includes: mp3 CD, 20-page photobook of area photography, waterproof map and attractively designed full-color package.

Also available is a low-cost DOWNLOADABLE version of the tour with mp3 audio file printable area map in PDF format (but we recommend the physical product).

Visit the TOKYO REALTIME homepage for additional details.

About the Narrator
Max Hodges is a Tokyo-based photographer and producer. He frequently guides visiting journalists through Kabukicho. Max operates White Rabbit Press, a Tokyo-based publisher of Japanese language and travel products.

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Customer Reviews


By Joshua

Great Way to listen to a great tour! Im looking foward to the next tour.

An excellent

By J. Cadieux

An excellent way to spend an evening in Tokyo
I ordered my copy directly from the publisher, and have done the tour.

First I want to say that I am not a city person. I live OUTSIDE of Tokyo because big cities make me uncomfortable. Even so, I really enjoyed this tour. It took me into an area of the city that I probably never would have ventured into on my own (not because of safety concerns, but because I had no particular reason), and I really learned a lot from it. You have to understand that for somebody like me to say they had a good time wandering around a city, is a huge compliment.

The CD (with MP3 file of the tour, which you transfer to your portable player) contains about 65 minutes of audio, but if you stop at some of the sites to look around, you could easily spend a couple of hours on it.

The package comes with a map with 3-D models of the buildings, and a clear line showing you where to go. It's a good size, small enough to be discreet and easy to use, yet big enough to see the detail clearly. The map even has some kind of coating on it to make it somewhat rain-resistant. However, you probably won't need to use the map at all, as the navigation guidance in the audio is pretty easy to follow.

The last item in the contents is a photo book containing about 15 photos taken in the area. It's a nice extra, and perhaps a good souvenir, but doesn't really add to the tour itself.

If you're concerned about your safety in the Kabukicho area, don't be. Tokyo is an extremely safe city by Western standards. This includes Kabukicho, as long as you keep your camera away (I was asked to put mine away when taking photos of a bar, and even of the police station) and don't go out of your way to upset or provoke people. Even the 'most aggressive' of touts mentioned in the tour did not make me feel unsafe. However, this is not an area to bring the kiddies to, unless you like explaining what those 'toys' in the shop windows are used for.
( review)

Fun to listen to during a boring work day!

By A. Phillips

The Tokyo Realtime tours are a great way to feel like you're on vacation when you don't have the time or money to actually go to Tokyo. Fun to listen to during a boring work day!

I enjoyed this audio tour

By Timothy P. Szczesuil

I enjoyed this audio tour of Tokyo's Kabukicho district. It was especially interesting to follow the commentary using Google's Streetview, since it's not convenient to travel to Japan at the moment. Recommended.

I definitely recommend

By Tarou Irei

For someone living in Tokyo for the past 18 years, and who has been to Kabukicho many times, this tour has given me a whole new and wider view of this Shinjuku district. Kabukicho is one of the most eclectic areas of Tokyo, and a lot of interesting places are hard to find and easy to overlook, but this tour has showed me places that I would never find on my own--like the chinese restaurant in the little alley, a place I would never expect to find a restaurant!

The tour itself is designed so well that I hardly had to look at the map, as the narrative and my walking match perfectly.

Tokyo Realtime does not only let you see better what is there, but also tells you about what used to be there before, and how this little part of town has evolved over the years.

I definitely recommend this tour to both residents of Tokyo as well as people visiting.
Hope to see more of this series. The packaging is really beautifully designed, and the production quality is excellent. The soundtracks, interviews and sound effects really set this material apart from your ordinary "tour guide".

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