Everyday Listening in 50 Days: Listening Tasks for Beginners - Vol.1 (w/CDs)


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This new book includes a CD (before it was a cassette tape) and is designed for beginner students looking to improve their Japanese listening comprehension. Those who have studied Japanese to the intermediate level can also use these books to consolidate their listening skills.

The audio includes lots of basic vocabulary, sentence patterns, and language expressions from real-life situations. It’s also a valuable way to increase your understanding of Japanese culture and daily life.

The content of all the audio-based listening and comprehension exercises is also included in the text. Highly recommended for beginners.

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Customer Reviews

This is a great book for getting some listening practice


This is a great book for getting some listening practice. I used it to help prepare for the JLPT (although it's not specifically designed for the test). Grammar level is N4/N5, with the last 1/3 being definitely N4. Speed is faster than you'd encounter on those tests, though, so if you can do this book you'll be fine. This is Vol. 1, which contains the first 25 of the 50 lessons. Each lesson consists of two pages of workbook-style fill in the blank, circle the right letter, etc. exercises. There is even a vocabulary list at the back for new words you may encounter in the exercises, as well as complete transcriptions for figuring out what you missed. Engaging pictures, interesting dialogues, and clearly enunciated. I have bought many listening books; this is the only one I use because it's actually kinda fun. Highly recommended.

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