First Lessons in Japanese


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“First Lessons in Japanese” is for people who want to start learning Japanese at the most basic level.

The book comes complete with two CDs containing easy to understand, scenario-based conversations. Start by studying basic dialogue that teaches you essential expressions and vocabulary. Even if you are not completely confident with hiragana and katakana, the dialogue is translated into simple romaji (roman letters) along with an English translation so that you have nothing to worry about. So let’s get started!

The book covers basic daily situations such as meeting people, asking the time and directions, talking about family, and more. Listen, read, practice, and do basic exercises that will help you remember what you learn.

See images to the left to get an idea of the book's format and layout.

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Customer Reviews

This is a surprisingly effective book

By Graeme hubbard

This is a surprisingly effective book to help learn japanese in short "bite size" lessons that are very detailed.

Written in hiragana and romanji helps ease the new student into japanese reading and writing. Spoken by real japanese at natural speaking speed helps to "train" the ear to real spoken japanese not the "Americanized" version. In-depth exercises and quizzes to test your knowledge makes this a must have for the beginner. Highly recommended

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