Human Instrument (Ningengakki)


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PLEASE NOTE: this BLUE version of the Ningengakki is discontinued. However another (orange) version is still available which includes popular songs and songs from anime. Click here for details. We can help you special order this product. Send us your request via our buy-and-ship service at White Rabbit Express

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Customer Reviews


By Kuratabells

Great to use if you're bored or want to entertain friends


By Ifrah

I can use it when I am at the park with my friends or anywhere. It's a convenient and fun game.

Awesome Game!

By Christine

This little toy is great to place in dorm rooms. It sparks up conversations and leads to hilarious moments with friends!

Awesome Noise Maker!

By Joshua

This was a great way to make new friends and spark a conversation! I would definitely recommend this item.


By Vy

This is a great toy so munch fun

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