Japanese Graded Readers Level 0 - Vol. 1 (includes CD)


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Great news for all novice Japanese learners out there. The Japanese Graded Readers series has come out with a special beginner level product - “ Level 0" - which doesn’t require any knowledge of Kanji! As long as you know basic hiragana, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be moving on up to the more advanced levels.
Japanese Graded Readers Level 0 is designed for newcomers. The set of stories utilizes a vocabulary of about 350 words. The grammar points include: ~desu, ~masu, present tense, past tense, question form, etc.
The stories are beautifully illustrated, and furigana (small kana written above kanji to show the pronunciation) are included on all the kanji.

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Customer Reviews

Exactly what I was looking for

By Shawn

As a beginning and self-taught student of Japanese, I found it difficult to approach the subject of reading. There seemed to be a huge learning curve, where years of study would be required before I could read even the most elementary text.

I can happily report that this is not the case. I found this product to be at the perfect level for me. Thanks to the copious illustrations and the simple, repeated sentences, my comprehension increased quickly.

There is a certain joy and pride that comes from the first successful attempt at reading text in a foreign language, even if that text is about cherry blossoms, uses of the soybean, or the morning routine of a fictional family. I eagerly await my order of the second volume in this series.

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