Naze? Doshite? Familiar Questions - 1st Grade


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Why do dogs lick humans? Why do we play tug of war? Why do donuts have holes in them? Children ask the darndest questions and this book prepares you to answer them with fun illustrations and informative Japanese! 

Naze? Doushite? Familiar Questions - 1st Grade contains 40 questions about life, people, food, school and nature that a Japanese first grader might ask. The passages are just the right length for when you have 10 minutes to spare.   They also contain some interesting insight into Japan's unique culture.  

We recommend this book to anyone who has ever longed for more interesting study material or to learn more than just a vocabulary list.

Pages:  181
Languages: Japanese

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Customer Reviews

Awesome and endearing

By Joseph

I literally laughed out loud at some of the illustrations! I think the book is perfect for reading practice because of the fact that each subject is covered in just a few paragraphs, naturally segmenting your study time and preventing frustration or boredom.

I personally think the first and second grade ones are harder than the more advanced levels because of the lack of kanji used, entire lines of hiragana make my brain hurt. Some vocab I needed to look up, but the grammar is thankfully simple.

Culturally informative; good for reading practice

By Lian

I haven't read through this entire book yet, but I loved it as soon as I picked it up. The book is written pretty simply as this one is for first graders, but because it's very real-world oriented, I think it's actually easier for foreign readers to follow than other materials written for children can be. At least, I find it much easier to follow than the similarly for 一年生, 10分で読めるお話 book I purchased at the same time.

Some of the questions are general world-wide trivia (why are traffic lights green/yellow/red) and some are definitely more Japan-specific (why do you say 'moshi moshi' when you answer the phone). It's a fun way to practice reading since all the questions are only a couple pages and do have some helpful illustrations or diagrams with captions.


By hana

useful for beginning japanese and cute illustrations

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