Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 - Vol. 3 (includes CD)


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Published in April 2009, this product is a boxed-set of 5 booklets each of which contains 5 stories of about 2500-5000 words each.The included CD audio companion includes the full-text read by Japanese native speakers.

Japanese Graded Readers Level 3 - Volume 3 is designed for a proficiency level equivalent to Japanese Langauge Proficiency Test Level N3~N4. The set of stories utilizes a vocabulary of about 800 words. The grammar points include: ~toki, ~tara/ba/nara, ~sou, ~you, potential, imperative, passive form, etc..

The stories are beautifully illustrated, and furigana (small kana written above kanji to show the pronunciation) are included on all the kanji.
Sample Audio

(Audio sample taken from Level 1 Vol. 1)
Click here for Level 1 Volume 1 sample page

There is one audio track which did not fit on the included CD. You can download it from our Free Downloads section.

When reading Japanese Graded Readers we suggest:

  • Start at an easy level
  • Read without using a dictionary
  • Skip any parts you don't understand
  • If you hit too many roadblocks, stop and try a lower level book.

Audio Sample

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