Japanese Graded Readers Level 4 - Vol. 1 (includes CD)


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Volume 1 Level 4 of the popular Japanese Graded Readers series is a box set of 5 booklets, each containing 5 stories of between 5,000 and 10,000 words, utilising a vocabulary of about 1,300 words. Suitable for students studying for the JLPT level N3 and N4. The grammar points include: causative form, causative/passive form, ~sou, ~rashii, ~koto ni suru/naru, etc.
The included CD audio companion includes the full-text read by Japanese native speakers.

The stories are beautifully illustrated, and furigana (small kana written above kanji to show the pronunciation) are included on all the kanji.

There are two audio tracks which did not fit on the included CD. You can download them from our Free Downloads section Part 1 Part 2

Sample Audio

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