Naze? Doshite? Familiar Questions - 5th Grade


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How did they decide the pattern on soccer balls? How many giant pandas are there in the world? How do cell phones connect? Find out the answers in this humorous book of questions a Japanese fifth grader might ask.

The volume contains 40 illustrated questions and answers about life, people, society, sports and nature. Each section is just the right length for when you have 10 minutes to spare and also contains some interesting insight into Japanese culture.  

Pages:  188
Languages: Japanese

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Customer Reviews

Great reading practice for N3

By Martin

I find this book really useful as reading practice at about the N3 level. I can read each entry in about 20 minutes. I learn 10-20 news words each entry I read.

If I had one criticism, it is that sometimes kana is used when I already know the kanji. I guess they are using kanji for Japanese fifth graders rather than foreign N3 students (fair enough).

I even learn new facts from the book, so it is not just interesting from the language perspective.

It's really nice feeling you are reading real Japanese rather than something from a textbook written with foreigners on mind.

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