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The book focuses on basic yet essential rules for Japanese business writing. The book features endless examples of business letters and offers simple and clear explanations of how and why certain language is used. In addition to business letters, topics from writing e-mails to filling out envelopes, writing cover letters and sending faxes are also featured in this comprehensive text. There are chapters entitled: "Basics of Writing Business Letters," "Examples by Usage I: Internal Letters," "Examples by Usage II: External Letters," "Business Mail Manners: Basics of Writing and Examples."

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Customer Reviews

Simple, easy to use, and very convenient

By Maya

I was choosing between this book and Shigoto no Nihongo by ALC. Not only is this cheaper, but I think it gives a very good introduction into the Japanese formatting. The explanations were very helpful. Over-all I found the book simple, easy to use, and very convenient to use.

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