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A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, from The Japan Times, is an essential companion to your Japanese studies. It contains in-depth explanations in English and Japanese of every grammatical concept essential to learning Japanese. It is the most comprehensive resource for grammar available.

It is ideal as a supplement to your studies. For those of you studying with a textbook or workbook, or taking a Japanese class, this book is perfect because it contains easy to understand and extensive explanations of every grammar point you are likely to encounter in your studies.

We very highly recommend this product. Also available for intermediate and advanced students.

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Customer Reviews

Blows both my mind and my textbook out of the water!

By Joseph

I was initially hesitant to buy this dictionary because of its price, but decided to thumb through a friend's to see if it was worth the cost. Absolutely worth every penny.

Looking up an entry is fast and painless, but where this book really shines is in the sentence diagrams and examples. I'm currently in college going through the Nakama textbook, and in terms of usefulness and clarity the examples given in this grammar dictionary make the Nakama text look childish. The first thing I do when we cover a new section is pull out my grammar dictionary and check it, one of the best $50 dollar purchases I've ever made.

If the main section wasn't enough, there are extensive appendices that have all sorts of useful information I've not seen in any other books, like etymology, or the significance of certain sounds/syllables in Japanese. Insane how much they fit into such a small volume.

Truly an amazing resource.


Truly an amazing resource.

As it says, this is a dictionary of Japanese grammar, consisting of alphabetized entries for every particle, verb conjugation, and other parts of speech that you could possibly need in your first couple years of study (200 entries). It also includes entries for a number of verbs whose use is problematic for English-speakers. Each entry is rather exhaustive, consisting first of several example sentences for the various uses with all the parts (indirect object, predicate, etc.) identified.
Romaji is also shown for all sentences although I would have preferred just furigana for the kanji. (If you need this in-depth grammar then you already know your kana).
Following this is a complete explanation, in coherent English, with additional example sentences. Related grammar points (either similar or opposite use) are also identified so you can look those up too. As I said, this is a dictionary (or rather an encyclopedia) so don't expect to use it as a textbook or course of study. Rather, you'll use it in conjunction with your textbook to look up certain grammar concepts that you'd like more explanation about.

Very highly recommended.

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