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Presenting the White Rabbit Press Kanji Wall Poster, featuring all the kanji you need to know in one comprehensive A0-size poster.

    Our kanji wall poster includes:
  • All the joyo kanji
  • Every kanji you need to know for all five levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • All the characters' Joyo on and kun readings
  • The White Rabbit Press Kanji Poster includes the 1926 kanji included on the JLPT list, plus the remaining 19 joyo kanji not included on the JLPT, for a grand total of all 1945 kanji designated as official general use characters (joyo kanji) by the Japanese government.

    Each character is numbered to coordinate with Series 2 White Rabbit Press Kanji flashcards. The characters are color-coordinated by the new JLPT levels N1~N5 (N4 & N5 in green, N2 & N3 in blue, N1 in purple)

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    Dimensions: A0 ("A Zero") size in landscape format (84 x 119 cm / 33 x 47 in)

    Shipping: Ships from Japan in a tube (rolled, not folded.) Ships separately from other items.


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Customer Reviews

Excellent product!

By Cecilia

I ordered one of this years ago, and besides to look great on my wall, when I study, it's easier to check for kanjis I don't remember.

Worth it!

By nicholas

High quality, well thought-out design. It's a fantastic learning supplement and hanging it where you can always see it provides great motivation! The only downside is that it's not laminated, but the paper is good quality and should be fine if you treat it well.

Amazing product

By Szilárd

My poster took around a month to arrive, but in a great condition. Looks amazing on my wall above my PC display, so whenever I am bored I just look up and enjoy the view. I had put a little cover to the top and bottom so I could hang it.

Looks great on my wall :)

By Janet

The poster is large, with well readable kanji on it and on and kun readings at the bottom of the poster. The poster is made of sturdy paper, so it doesn't damage easily (I should know, it floated around my room for months before I finally had time to take down my Legolas poster in it's huge and cumbersome frame). The poster was sent in a tough tube and arrived in perfect condition. A laminated version might be nice though as the poster is really big and finding a frame for it is near impossible.

Excellent product/service

By Parker

Easily the best poster for learning kanji I have seen. Poster itself is large, with easy to read characters, and is printed on a strong glossy paper. However it would be convenient if a laminated version was available. SAL shipping was fine, as it arrived in Canada after only 10 days, in a thick tube with no damage.

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