Do It Yourself: Japanese Grammar Review (Beginner-Level)


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This book is aimed at beginners who want to review and strengthen the foundation of beginner-level Japanese grammar. It is also good for people who want to self-study Japanese again from the beginning. Each grammatical structure is presented with 1) meaning, 2) conjunctive forms, 3) example sentences, and 4) exercises. For overall review are four sets of exercises at the end of the book. Since all the meanings and example sentences are translated into English, you have no hesitation to work on it by yourself. This book can be started from any point and used in different ways: - As a textbook to confirm what has already been learned - As a textbook to review - As a reference guide and overview of what is categorized as "basic" Japanese grammar. 236 pages language: Japanese and English

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Customer Reviews

I wish I would found this book before I took N4.

By Andrew Schaub

I wish I would found this book before I took N4. The book states its for beginners but inside it states it is geared for those taking N4 of the JLPT so it's a nice grammar review book. Should not be used as an actual grammar textbook though. Lots of practice questions.

I think this is a great review book for beginners

By Jerry Chong

I think this is a great review book for beginners, because it reviews a lot of things. But it's not designed as a first textbook because it first starts by reviewing conjugating verbs, so you need to understand basic Japanese vocab, grammer and sentence structure. Also after each example there are few fill-in-the-blank multiple choice questions to test if you understand the grammar point.

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