Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering "Listening" through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N4 (w/CD)


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Mimi kara Oboeru: Mastering Listening through Auditory Learning - New JLPT N4 has a unique style to help you.

With this book you'll learn Japanese through sight and sound. The included CD allows you to listen, take dictation, or repeat (or shadow) the example sentences. The JLPT test contains a wider range of listening comprehension questions and listening ability is measured in various different ways.

This book offers exercises specially created for learners of Japanese who want to take the test so that they can become accustomed to the test format and get higher scores. The structure of this book corresponds to the listening comprehension questions in the JLPT, but, as mentioned above, the aim of this book is to foster basic skills to develop listening ability. Consequently, its contents are not only for those who want to prepare for the test but also for those who want to use this book for their regular listening classes, or for those who want to do listening exercises at home.

This book is divided into the following sections:
- Task-based Comprehension
- Comprehension of Key Points
- Verbal expressions
- Quick Response

The last section of the book contains two practice listening tests to evaluate what you have learned. An answer sheet and answer key appendix is also included.
Pages: 131
Languages : Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

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Customer Reviews

Good book!

By Tatiana

I love this book. It explains each part of the listening part and what you must do to pass it well. Must have for N4 prepartions!

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