Quick Mastery of JLPT N2 Grammar Workbook


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The "Quick Mastery of N2 Grammar Workbook" is a workbook designed to meet the new aims of the JLPT. As you know, the new JLPT put emphasis on "communicative ability." This change is based on the view that the JLPT is not just a matter of knowing grammar and having a wide vocabulary. Instead, what is essential is a comprehensive grasp of the language that allows the speaker to apply this knowledge in a wide variety of actual situations.
Distinctive Features of this Book:

1. Users learn concrete expressions that come up in conversation and in writing, understanding how to use sentence patterns accurately and correctly in specific situations and contexts.
2.Practical mastery of the material through extensive examples and practice questions.
3. Detailed explanations with translated portions in English, Chinese and Korean help users to acquire vocabulary and understand content.

Pages: 123
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

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