Quick Mastery of JLPT N3 Vocabulary Workbook (w/CD)


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The "Quick Mastery of N3 Vocabulary Workbook" is a workbook designed to meet the new aims of the JLPT. As you know, the new JLPT put emphasis on "communicative ability."

The JLPT N3 level requires "the ability to understand a fair amount of spoken Japanese used in everyday situation." In order to communicate effectively, a comprehensive grasp of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing is necessary, but a substantial vocabulary provides an essential foundation.

Distinctive Features of this Book:

1. Content is organized according to theme and laid out on two opposite pages, allowing users to process the information easily and learn at an appropriate pace.
2. Over 2,000 keywords are covered - ample preparation for the JLPT N3.
3. Example sentences and related words, including synonyms and antonyms, are introduced from time to time. Users learn efficiently and gradually build up their vocabulary.
4. English Translation is provided for the vocabulary.

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