Naze? Doshite? Familiar Questions - 3rd Grade


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Why do ramune bottles have marbles in them? Are there any cats who are good at swimming? Why does your face get red when you’re embarrassed? Find out the answers in this humorous book of questions a Japanese third grader might ask.

Naze? Doushite? Familiar Questions - Grade 3 contains 40 questions about life, people, society, sports and living things with answers and fun illustrations.  Unlike typical fiction-based readers, this lighthearted yet educational book will leave you feeling like an expert…and in Japanese! Each section is just the right length for when you have 10 minutes to spare and also contains some interesting insight into Japan’s unique culture.  

We recommend this book to anyone who has ever longed for more interesting study material or to learn more than just a vocabulary list.

Pages:  188
Languages: Japanese

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