Quick Mastery of JLPT N2 Reading Comprehension Workbook


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The "Quick Mastery of N2 Reading Comprehension Workbook" contains a collection of reading tasks with which you can prepare well for the language proficiency test.

Oriented on the new aims of the JLPT, this book will help you with many exercises and examples to study efficiently. Before starting the practice exercise, the warming up section is worth a look. It provides information on how to solve reading tasks, a variety of documents and keywords and a review drill. The tasks of Part 1 of the practical exercises are divided into short passages, medium passagse and long passages. For each task a target time for completing the exercise is indicated.

Please refer to them and try finishing the task within this time. Part 2 contains mock tests and the answer sheet. The diverse sample passages help users to deal with all types of situations.

Pages: 127
Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean

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