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This is an educational DS game that teaches you hiragana/katakana, the first 80 kanji (JLPT N5 level), and  about 350 basic vocabulary through activities such as tracing the outlines of the character. There are also a variety of fun word games included, meaning you can learn Japanese without pain.
The game has been created for Japanese children up to the 1st grade, so all the letters on the screen and the things Doraemon says are only in Japanese - but he's always very encouraging! 
A great way to learn and become confident in basic Japanese.

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Customer Reviews

Doraemon Kana Video Game for Ds

By Andriansyah

This Video Game is suitable for those learning Kanji for the first time

I'm so excited!

By Caitlin

Absolutely wonderful, I can't praise the game highly enough. I do have a tip or two for anyone purchasing the game because there were a few points that I had trouble with, but only because I'm still a beginner:

1. Lessons are based on the time setting on your DS! You can only do one lesson per day, so if you want to skip ahead you need to change the date in your system settings. However, you can replay the lesson and all the mini-games as much as you want no matter how far along you are.

2. Stroke order is tops! Your kana may look gorgeous but if it's not constructed in the same way as you're shown it's not going to count.

3. If you're an absolute beginner you're only going to be able to play one or two of the mini-games at first because they build on vocabulary you learn while you play the game, but there are still two or three you can pick up right from the beginning with no problem.

I'm very, very happy with this game and I would recommend it to anyone with a DS that is learning Japanese.

A Step Up from Anpanman

By LaQueta

I purchased the game to help me remember my kana. It was a step up from practicing with Anpanman. So the extra challenge helped me out. Surprisingly, it had some kanji in there too. So I even got to practice some early level kanji. My only problem was with the maru. After searching how to write it correctly according to the system, I received an answer. Whenever writing the maru, you have to start at the bottom. Other then that, I love it.

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