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These little wafer sticks are covered in a white mockolate flavored with real green tea. The color of the coating is real, it’s a pretty shade of creamy green. It smells of sugar and the delicate scent of matcha. The layers are flaky and crisp, just like a KitKat ought to be.


A little about matcha. Matcha is a style of preparing green tea that starts with preparing the tea leaves before harvest, where they are covered from the sun for a few weeks before they are picked. After drying they are ground into a fine powder to create the matcha. This powder is used to prepare the tea and unlike regular brewed teas, the hot water is added to the powder and it is not strained out.

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Customer Reviews


By Kuratabells

This is perfect for matcha lovers!


By Anguria

I really loved them! Real taste of matcha! If you like matcha you will like them too :)


By Lisa

The best Kit Kat flavor! Has the perfect matcha taste, not too sweet but not too bitter either. Love them!


By Sarah

Assuming you're a fan of matcha to begin with, these Kit Kats are glorious. They're not too sweet, and the flavor blends well with the wafers inside. I definitely ate them all too fast! If you've never had them, you really ought to give them a try.

Worth the wait

By Kristine

I love these and it's hard to find someone who has them in stock. I plan to buy more in the future.

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