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This Nestle Limited Edition Variety Pack contains 1.02kg of chocolate goodness at a very sweet price. Many of these chocolates are sold in different regions of Japan and would be difficult to find individually. These limited-edition packs should sell fast, so order yours today!

Variety Pack includes:
-All Stars (Kit Kat Mini, Kit Kat Mini Dark Chocolate, Nestle Crunch Mini, Aero Mini) x 2
-Blueberry Cheesecake Kitakat
-Kit Kat Purple Sweet Potato
-Aero Green Tea
-Kit Kat Mini Green Tea x 2
-Kit Kat MiniMini Sakura Maccha Latte
-Kit Kat Mini Kohaku Pack (chocolate & white chocolate)
-Kit Kat White Vanilla Bar

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Customer Reviews

the best

By gus

i love it so much, i got it yesterday and already ate it all


By Vy

So much chocolate

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