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Danny Choo teamed up with The Good Smile Company to produce this series of moe flash cards to help you learn the Japanese hiragana alphabet.

Each of the 50 poker-size cards features a hiragana character, a simple vocabulary word and a cute illustration to tie it all together. Featured characters are taken from Culture Japan's adorable line-up: Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga, and Kanata Hoshikawa.

Contains 46 hiragana cards, an explanation card and three character cards.

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Customer Reviews

Really cute!!

By Kate

A couple of the words are a little odd, but the rest are all really well chosen! It's like 50% high usage, 30% really common, and 19% good to know!

The pictures are super cute, so I've even let my kids use them!! :D

Japanese Flashcard Review

By Joshua

This is a easy way to learn Japanese with artistic pictures

Moe Kana

By Jonan

This is a flash card that let you learn about the basic of japanese with cute Mirai Suenaga picture to illustrate and helps to understand what the words means

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