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This New EX-word XD-D10000 is the latest top-line electronic dictionary from Casio, featuring the best English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries currently available, and much more.
2012 Models Big Point
• Equipped with two memory card slots:
You can use two data cards at the same time or one data card and one microSD memory card for the unit’s memory. It’s very useful with high scalability.
*Card slot 1 is readable and writable. Card slot 2 is read-only.
Other features:
• Two touch panels for easy look up and operation
• Stylus input to write kanji, kana and romaji for look up on both touch screens
• Speaks in Japanese: you can listen to 70,000 words spoken in native Japanese

• Speaks in other languages at contents for traveling (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, etc)
• Custom flashcards feature allows you to make your own cards for review and study
• You can now search many images smoothly by using the E-book Dictionary

Main: 528 x 320 full dot-matrix liquid crystal indication
Sub: 240 x 96 full dot-matrix liquid crystal indication
Letter Input Method
Kana, Romaji, Korean and Russian input
Character Size on Screen
  • 48 dot, 24 dot, 16 dots for Japanese 
  • 24 dot, 16 dot, 12 dots for English
  • Seisenban Japanese-Japanese Dictionary (3 Volume Set) – Approx. 300,000 entries   
  • Kojien Japanese-Japanese Dictionary – Approx. 240,000 entries 
  • Meikyo Japanese-Japanese Dictionary - Approx. 70,000 entries 
  • New Kangorin Kanji Dictionary - 14,629 featured kanji, approx. 50,000 words included
  • Comprehensive Japanese Thesaurus – Approx. 1044 categories & 320,000 entries
  • NHK Japanese Accent Dictionary - Approx. 69,000 entries
  • Japanese Collocation Dictionary - Approx. 4,000 entries
  • A Dictionary of Synonyms in Japanese - Approx. 25,000 entries (Approx. 6,000 group)
  • Gendai Katakana Dictionary - Approx. 14,600 entries & 1,800 abbreviated words
  • Kogo Jiten (Classical Japanese Dictionary, 10th Ed.) – Approx. 43,500 entries
  • Zenyaku Kogo Jiten (Classical Japanese Dictionary, 3rd Ed.) – Approx. 22,500 entries
  • Meikyo Proverbs Dictionary - Approx. 4,055 entrie
  • Yojijukugo Dictionary - Approx. 2,653 entries
  • Kanji Stroke Order Dictionary - Approx. 2,136 Jyoyo kanji
  • Leader's English-Japanese Dictionary (Kenkyusha, 2nd Ed.) – Approx. 270,000 entries
  • Leader's Plus English-Japanese Dictionary (Kenkyusha) – Approx. 190,000 entries
  • Kenkyusha New English-Japanese Daijiten Dictionary (6th Ed.) - Approx. 260,000 entries
  • Genius English-Japanese Dictionary – Approx. 255,000 entries
  • Random House English-Japanese Dictionary (2nd Ed.) – Approx. 345,000 entries
  • Oxford Dictionary of English – Approx. 350,000 entries
  • Oxford Illustrative Sentence Dictionary – Approx. 1,000,000 examples
  • Oxford American Dictionary (2nd Ed.) – Approx. 250,000 entries
  • Olex English-Japanese Dictionary - Approx. 100,000 entries
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary – Approx .184,500 entries
  • Longman Modern English-English Dictionary – Approx. 230,000 entries
  • Kenkyusha New Japanese-English Daijiten Dictionary (5th Ed.) - Approx. 480,000 entries
  • Progressive Japanese-English Dictionary (3rd Ed.) -  Approx. 90,000 entries
  • Olex Japanese-Englsih Dictionary - Approx. 127,000 entries
  • English-Japanese Dictionary of Nature Science - Approx. 207,000 entries
  • Japanese-Enlgish Dictionary of Nature Science - Approx. 153,000 entries
  • English-Japanese, Japanese-English Technical Term Dictionary - Approx. 2,000,000 entries
  • The Kenkyusha Dictionary of English Collocations - Approx. 380,000 entries
  • Oxford English Thesaurus - Approx. 600,000 entries
  • Oxford Collocations Dictionary - Approx. 9,000 main entries & 250,000 total words
  • Oxford Learner's Wordfinder Dictionary - Approx. 630 keywords, 31,000 entries
  • Oxford Idioms - Approx. 10,000 entries
  • Oxford Phrasal Verbs - Approx. 6,000 entries
  • Longman Language Activator - Approx. 866 keywords
  • English Thesaurus Dictionary - Approx. 21,000 words
  • The Kenkyusa Spelling Dictionary - Approx. 67,000 words
  • Japan History Encyclopedia - Approx. 6,800 entries  
  • World History Encyclopedia - Approx. 7,200 entries
  • Royal English Grammar Guide - 395 entries
  • Japanese waka poetry (Hyakunin Isshu) - 100 entries
  • Kanken (Kanji test) Drills for KanKen Levels 2, Jyun 2, 3, 4 and 5
  • TOEIC English Vocabulary and Phrases Mastery - 2,000 entries
  • TOEFL Perfect Vocabulary - 700 entries
  • TOEIC Test Vocabulary 730 - 1,628 vocabulary
  • TOEIC Test Idiom 730 - 883 vocabulary   
  • And more
Business Information
  • 2011 Nikkei PC Terminology Encyclopedia – Approx. 5,700 entries
  • Nikkei Business: Dictionary of Economics and Business – Approx. 1,600 entries
  • Illustrated Trivia: Drucker Management Studies - Approx. 100 entries/Illustrated 90 entries
  • Illustrated Trivia: Marxist Economics Studies - Approx. 110 entries/Illustrated 100 entries
  • Illustrated Trivia: Keynesian Economics Studies - Approx. 110 entries/Illustrated 100 entries
  • Barron's Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms (7th Ed.) - Approx. 5,600 vocabulary
  • Professional Intellectual properties Dictionary - Approx. 360 vocabulary
  • Professional Audit and Accounting Dictionary - Approx. 2,200 vocabulary
  • Professional Business Law Dictionary - Approx. 550 vocabulary
  • Professional Green Technologies Dictionary - Approx. 720 vocabulary
  • Keizai Business" English Expression Dictionary - Approx. 20,000 vocabulary/24,000 examples
  • 50 Tips for Management Consisting - Approx. 50 entries
  • Quotes from Successful People - Approx. 70 entries
  • Oxford Business English Dictionary - Approx. 30,000 vocabulary
  • Business English Super Dictionary - Approx. 11,000 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Economic Neologism (2007 Ed.) - Approx. 4,000 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Management  (2006 Ed.) - Approx. 830 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Shares (9th Ed.) - Approx. 660 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Financial Terms  (2nd Ed.) - Approx. 820 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Distribution - Approx. 520 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Real Estate (7th Ed.) - Approx. 660 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Accounting  (2006 Ed.) - Approx. 1,010 vocabulary
  • Dictionary of Advertising Terminology (4th Ed.) - Approx. 1,180 vocabulary
  • Overseas Relocation Guide 2010 – Approx. 320 entries
  • Business English Strongest Phrase – Approx. 77 entries
  • English E-mail 200 Rules – Approx. 1,200 examples
  • Example English Letter Dictionary – Approx. 200 examples
  • Useful Business Encyclopedia – Approx. 119 entries
  • Letter-writer – Approx. 600 examples
  • Collection of speech – Approx. 100 examples
Life Reference
  • Britannica International Encyclopedia – Approx. 154,000 entries (In Japanese)
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia (English) – Approx. 25,000 entries
  • National Geographic Visual History of Great World - Approx. 650 entries
  • Visual Encyclopedia of Science - Approx. 1,000 entries
  • Yamakei New Pocket Guide: Wild Bird - Approx. 240 entries
  • Yamakei New Pocket Guide: Marine Fish - Approx. 260 entries
  • Digital Picture Book: Wild Grass in Japan - Approx. 500 entries
  • Digital Picture Book: Insects in Japan - Approx. 180 entries
  • Encyclopedia (Mypedia Electronic Dictionary Edition) - Approx.66,300 entries
  • Encyclopedia of Japanese History - Approx.27,000 entries
  • Japanese-English: Japanese Culture, Tourism, History Dictionary - Approx.6,000 vocabulary
  • The Land and Its People (9th Ex.) - Approx.360 entries
  • Families Balance Food Book - Approx.500 entries
  • Studies in the USA 100 - Approx. 171 entries
  • Ceremonial Occasions Manners - Approx. 800 entries
  • Constitution of Japan - Approx. 105 entries
  • Dictionary of Counting - Approx. 4,600 vocabulary
  • Nandoku Jyoyo Kanji Dictionary - Approx. 1,280 vocabulary
  • Dictionary "Etymology" Japanese - Approx. 6 themes
  • ○ × Japanese Dictionary - Approx. 7 themes
  • Keigo Dictionary - Approx. 270 entries
  • Manners of the Word Dictionary - Approx. 1,800 entries
  • Dictionary of Japanese Knowledge - Approx. 6 themes
  • Dictionary of Japanese knowledge 2 - Approx. 7 themes
  • Hogen Dictionary - Approx. 1,200 vocabulary
  • Nikkei Health Supplement Encyclopedia (4th Ed.) – Approx. 1,200 entries
  • Journey of Once in a Life Time Best 500 – Approx. 500 entries
  • Journey of Once in a Life Time Best 500: World – Approx. 500 entries
  • Journey of Once in a Life Time Best 500: Food – Approx. 500 entries
  • Handbook of Plants and Tress – Approx. 420 entries
  • Gendai Haiku: Spring – Approx. 420 vocabulary
  • Gendai Haiku: Summer – Approx. 590 vocabulary
  • Gendai Haiku: Autumn – Approx. 390 vocabulary
  • Gendai Haiku: Winter – Approx. 510 vocabulary
  • Gendai Haiku: No Season – Approx. 390 vocabulary
  • Seasonal Theme Haiku Handbook – Approx. 5,700 entires
  • Haiku Saijiki (4th Ed.) - Approx. 2,600 vocabulary
  • Sake Handbook - Approx. 250 vocabulary
  • Awamori, shochu Handbook - Approx. 300 vocabulary
  • Wine Companion - Approx. 5,200 entires
  • Sports Terms Dictionary - Approx. 4,000 entries
English Conversation, Travel, Etc.
  • JTB Travel Language Guides (in 16 different languages) – Approx. 2,000 entries each
  • English Conversation Dictionary – Approx. 8,000 example phrases 
  • Travel English Approximately
  • Dr. PASSPORT Essential Travel Helpers (in 7 different languages) – Approx. 350 entries each
  • English Pronunciation Guide Book – Approx.2,800 listening
  • Worlds Goods Menu Dictionary - Approx. 3,200 vocabulary
  • Mini Phrase English Phone Conversation - Approx. 370 examples
  • And more
Additional Functions
  • Scroll pad
  • Double Card Slot
  • Abundant search functions which can be utilized quickly and easily
  • Multiple dictionary example search
  • Multiple dictionary jump function
  • Example forming phrase jump search
  • Word register function/history search
  • Japanese & English keyword example search
  • Chinese character partial reading search
  • Spelling search and common phrase search
  • Preview and layout change function
  • Back light, 3 letter sizes, favorite dictionary register function
  • Two input methods for ON/OFF function, automatic power off
  • Dictionary key direct power source ON function and resume
  • Phonetic sign indication and simple search mode change
  • 12 column portable calculator
  • Ultra-high-density liquid crystal (touch panel), large screen longhand panel
  • EX-VOICE, voice CD taking function
  • Display vertical writing function
  • Highlighter word card, study notebook function (memory card/wordbook/finding memo)
  • Handwritten input /hand-written operation function/touch operation function of the main panel
Power Source
2 X AA batteries
Electric Battery Life
Approximately 130 hours depending on frequency of use of back light and voice function 
Depth 105.5 x width 148.0 x height 17.0 mm (thinnest section when closed), height 19.7 mm (thickest section when closed)
Approximately 310 g (battery included)
  • One stylus 
  • Earphones (3.5 mm plug)
  • USB cable
  • 2 X AA batteries

Please note:
Knowing Hiragana is prerequisite to use any of the electronic dictionaries we are selling.
If you don't already know hiragana, please consider purchasing our set of "Kana Flashcards" along with this product. There are about 46 kana characters, so if you learn 5 or 10 per day, you can learn hiragana in about a week.

Keep in mind:
When you look up a word from English to Japanese, the results come back written in Japanese (kanji, hiragana and katakana). Using the jump function you can quickly find what you are looking for, but it may pose an initial challenge (especially to beginners.)

This dictionary ships globally by EMS (Express Mail Service) with tracking and insurance. EMS shipments usually arrive in about 3 business days.

Inside Japan this item ships for free and usually arrives in one business day.

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Customer Reviews

almost perfect

By Allyson

This dictionary is simply fantastic. If you haven't bought one in a few years this would be the one to invest in. They really upped the functionality, letting you add notes and highlight and tag pages in your dictionary; not to mention the Japanese pronunciation dictionary which is great for learners and the added library of Japanese and English literature that effectively turns your dictionary in an e-reader.

The only complaint I have is very minor. The material they used for the casing (body) shows fingerprints very easily and so it always looks a little dirty. (kind of like the screen of your cell phone)

But aside from that, I would recommend it to anyone.

I Bought for more expensive!

By Kc

Wow! This is really useful. I have one and it cost much more than this. I should have bought from here!

Casio EX-word XD-D10000

By Leonardo

I recently purchased this from White Rabbit Express. Any questions and concerns were kindly dealt with by Tomoko (Director of Operations). It was sent via EMS and arrived in the UK in less than 48 hours after dispatch. However, it was delayed in UK customs for several days. From dispatch to delivery, it took 8 days in total. Please be aware that all EMS shipments sent to the UK are dealt with by Parcel Force and they levy a £13.50 handling charge. Rather than wait for the invoice through the mail, I collected it from my local depot when I saw that it'd arrived. (They won't deliver until you pay the customs charges and handling fee.)

The device itself is brilliant, I haven't spent a great deal of time with it, but I'm learning fast! The content is extremely extensive, however I'm not a huge fan of the materials that have been used to manufacture it, it makes the dictionary feel cheap in my personal opinion. Despite this, I think it's the best electronic dictionary available on the market and is far more practical for the travelling student, than a collection of physical dictionaries. It also includes the 'GG' which is fantastic!

The device comes with two AA batteries, a USB cable, a stylus, and headphones. An English 'Quick Guide' is also included with the full Japanese manual. These can also be downloaded from the official Casio website too.

My advice is to buy the SANYO eneloop brand of batteries from Amazon which are rechargeable, can be used straight out of the packet, and retain the majority of their capacity for several years. There is a dedicated option for selecting this type of battery when you first turn on the dictionary.

The screen protectors are fantastic too, however ensure that your device is completely clear of any lint, otherwise as with most screen protectors, you'll get air bubbles. If you need to remove dust after applying one of the protectors, take a piece of sticky tape, fold it into a loop and use it to pull the screen protector away from the screen at a corner. If you try to use your nails, you'll damage the screen protector. Following this, use another piece of sticky tape to remove lint from the screen and/or the protector. For the best results, you should apply the screen protector in natural daylight. Finally, both screen protectors don't fully cover each screen, they cover the parts of the screen inside the black border, so ensure that you apply it to this border rather than the edges of the screen itself. The fact that they don't cover the whole screen isn't important, as the unprotected parts won't be touched by the stylus.

I personally chose the full cover case. It's a fantastic case and comes with a small sticky tab to secure the device in the case, however I threw this away after I released that it was impossible to change the batteries without constantly unsticking the tab. In my opinion, this sticky tab doesn't add any functionality beyond securing the device to the case when you open the dictionary's lid. The case accommodates for the headphones and easy removal of the stylus. There's also a small pouch for a Micro SD card/s if needed.

Overall, this electronic dictionary is fantastic, and I look forward to learning more from it.

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