Kanji Practice in 15 Minutes a Day: Beginning and Early Intermediate Characters Book 1


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The first two books in this series are designed to teach beginning and early intermediate students 555 kanji characters commonly found on the Japanese Language Proficiency Levels N5 to N3. They were selected from kanji that commonly appear in elementary-level Japanese textbooks and kanji that Japanese students are required to learn by their third year of primary school. The first book includes the first 276 kanji while the second includes the latter 279 kanji.

The kanji practice pages are clear with large letters, stroke order and readings so even a complete beginner can pick up the book and start learning to write immediately. By studying two pages per day, this two-book series usually takes 3 months to complete. (When used in the classroom, the series takes about 6 months to finish).

The volume is divided into 9 parts, the two main parts being the kanji practice and the quiz sections. For references purposes, the following are included at the beginning of this book: basic rules for writing kanji, the radicals on which kanji are based on, and the origin of the kanji.

What makes this series unique is that the pages include not only readings and vocabulary, but also helpful sample phrases and sentences with each kanji.  This really sets the book apart as you can study basic conversation and grammar along with each new Chinese character. All of the sample sentences in this book are geared toward beginning students. Therefore, the sample words in Vol. 1 are written in polite style while the sample words in Vol. 2 are in plain styles. Additionally, an appendix containing explanations on how to count various objects and living things can be found at the end of the book.

English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese translations are included, enabling students to study kanji independently.

Pages:  192
Language: Japanese

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Customer Reviews

I love kanjis now

By baby_alien

I always had problems with kanji. But for the first time I think I can manage it. The reason is this book. It is a great combination between wrighting and reading. The best are the example sentences. I did the half of the book now and I like to work with it every day. I will order book 2 soon. I am looking forword to it. I didn't think that leraning kanji can be fun. But now I have a lot of fun in learning my kanjis every day.

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