• Nihongo 500 Mon - Beginner
  • Nihongo 500 Mon - Beginner
  • Nihongo 500 Mon - Beginner


Nihongo 500 Mon - Beginner


Challenge yourself and boost your Japanese! Nihongo 500 Mon builds kanji, vocabulary and grammar skills in a fun and easily digestible format you can practice everyday.

Ideal for JLPT N4-N5 level learners, Nihongo 500 Mon is structured into daily and weekly lessons, containing increasingly difficult kanji, vocabulary and grammar concepts. Everyday you practice a few exercises and, on the following page, check your answers and learn why your answer is correct or incorrect with clear explanations. 

Although Nihongo 500 Mon is designed for beginners, it's also an excellent tool for intermediate and advanced students to maintain and brush up on the fundamental Japanese language skills. Explanations provided in English, Japanese and Portuguese!

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