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  • Pass the JLPT N2 in 20 Days
  • Pass the JLPT N2 in 20 Days
  • Pass the JLPT N2 in 20 Days
  • Pass the JLPT N2 in 20 Days


Pass the JLPT N2 in 20 Days


It’s never too late to study for the JLPT N2, and this book will help you prepare in just 20 days. It contains practice questions modeled after the exam for the kanji, vocabulary, and grammar sections of the test that will build your confidence. Though designed for those with only a short time left to study, it can be effectively used as a final kanji, vocabulary and grammar review or level check by anyone planning to take the JLPT N2.

The book is divided into 20 days of similar exercises. Each daily practice section contains kanji, vocabulary, sentence order, and grammar questions. It also contains one reading passage taken directly from the Asahi Shinbun with related vocabulary and grammar questions. Answers to all the exercises are included in a separate booklet.

Use this book and you will build confidence to score your best in the kanji, vocabulary and grammar sections in just 20 days.

Language: Japanese only
Pages: 168

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