Texting in Japanese: A guide to sending phone mail messages in Japanese


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Learn to send text messages like the Japanese! Text-messaging is ubiquitous in Japan, the main way people keep in touch with each other. Knowing how to communicate well via text messaging is convenient and very useful!

This book begins with the basics - learn the name of every part of your phone in Japanese, as well as how to type Japanese characters.

From there it moves on to practical usage: how to e-mail people you've met for the first time, thank you text messages, invitations, asking for favors, and much more.

The book is based around a group of friends and acquaintances - some Japanese and some foreign - and their ever-evolving interpersonal dynamics. In Chapter 1, they've all just met; by the later chapters, as e-mails get more and more interesting, relationships have formed, and there's even a secret romance. It's interesting and helpful to follow all this by reading their conversations through mail.

This entire book is written in Japanese, so it is probably not suitable for true beginners.

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Customer Reviews

This should be included in the Learn Japanese section

By adsensei

Like its summary says, beginners might find it difficult because of the all-Japanese instructions. But they can work around that by just reading the example text messages.

I am reminded of a student wailing that when she talked to Japanese, she spent a long time making her listeners wait because she was trying to remember the correct postposition to use! With this book maybe students would realize that postpositions can be neglected in real Japanese communication.

Here's hoping that someone will make an English version.

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