The Complete Set: Nihongo 500 Mon (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced)

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We're offering this 3 Volume Set of Nihongo 500 Mon for 5% off what you'd pay if you bought each volume individually.

Included in this special set are: Nihongo 500 Mon - Beginner, Nihongo 500 Mon - Intermediate and Nihongo 500 Mon - Advanced.

Challenge yourself and boost your Japanese! This book builds kanji, vocabulary, and grammar skills in a fun and easy format that you can practice every day.


    * Reading kanji
    * Using vocabulary
    * Using grammar
    * Using similar but different expressions

Nihongo 500 Mon offers easy, quick and useful practice. The example sentences included in the exercises are more natural and varied than in average workbooks.
The format of three questions at a time also means you can benefit even from doing just a few quick exercises. It's perfect for busy people.

Nihongo 500 Mon - Beginner : Perfect for beginners, and people planning to take N4 and N5 of the new Japanese Language Proficiency Exam (JLPT). Explanations are provided in English, Japanese and Portuguese!

Nihongo 500 Mon - Intermediate : Perfect for people planning to take N2 and N3 of the new JLPT. Explanations are provided in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Portuguese!

Nihongo 500 Mon - Advanced : Perfect for people planning to take N1 of the new JLPT and for intermediate learners who want to take yourself to the advanced level. Explanations are provided in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Please see example pages below. The book is structured into daily and weekly lessons. Every day you practice a few questions, evenly divided into moji (letters, i.e. kanji), goi (vocabulary), and bunpo (grammar).
Then you can check your answers - and get brief explanations - on the next page.

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Customer Reviews

Challenging and useful

By Teresa

I purchased the set with all 3 books as I knew eventually I would need the intermediate and advanced books. I'd say I am at a level between beginner and intermediate and the beginner book was was challenging. It introduced me to more detailed grammar I hadn't learned in my textbooks.
I would recommend these as a companion to your main learning texts. A beginner using this book alone would be lost but when used together, will teach you many things the texts leave out.

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