Tokyo Realtime - Akihabara Audio Guided Walking Tour [DOWNLOAD]

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Also available is a PHYSICAL version of the tour with mp3 CD, 20-page photobook of area photography, waterproof map and attractively designed full-color package.

TOKYO REALTIME is a series of audio guided walking tours through Tokyo’s most interesting neighborhoods. The tours interweave narration and interviews within a soundscape of on-site recordings to deliver a seamless mix of cultural insight, narrative elements and navigation within real world spaces.

TOKYO'S ELECTRIC TOWN, Akihabara, is Japan's subculture hotspot for anime, manga, games and figures which attracts hardcore fans - and curious visitors - from all over the world. Internationally recognized experts on the area take you on an unforgettable, behind-the-scenes tour of the area. You'll visit all the must-see shops, gain historial knowledge, cultural insights and learn insider jargon like otagei, moé, itasha and more.

Akibatteru, the monthly video report that focuses on Japanese pop-culture, recently featured this tour. Jump to 3:16.


This DOWNLOAD VERSION includes: mp3 audio file printable area map in PDF format.

Visit the TOKYO REALTIME homepage for additional details.

Please note, the tour takes visitor inside Toranoana, a shop which has material of a sexual nature on display.

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Customer Reviews

prepare for the day in akibahara

By Vic Caro

the map was dead on accurate.... and simple.... i was able to get around and find the shops and locations i wanted thanks to the map... listened to the audio a few times previously to prepare for the day in akibahara.

An Extraordinary Adventure

By Shuggi D.

Akihabara is a wonderful place to explore, from personal experience it can be intimidating and become, simply a shopping destination. Even though I am not currently in Tokyo or Japan, I picked up a copy of Tokyo Real Time's Akihabara Tour. After purchasing the Kabukicho tour, I was excited to continue my love affair with Japan.

As a Japanese anthropologist, these tours can be enjoyed as a tour or as I did, extraordinary adventure into urban Tokyo from anywhere. In many ways, it reminded me of the work of Dr. Theodore Bestor, but with outstanding production values, great humor and a cast of characters that could only be found in Akihabara. The production value took an impressive step forward, considering the already excellent Kabukicho tour.

If you have any interest in Japan, this product is necessary purchase. If you are planning a trip or even living in Tokyo, this tour will revel a world often hidden and unexplored. For me, it was an amazing ethnographic piece that also served as a fun adventure while commuting.
( reviewer)

guide is an illuminating portal into the neighborhood's colorful history

By Roland Kelts

Akihabara is one of the world's most densely intricate urban enclaves, and producer Max Hodges has assembled a crack team of uber-geeks from Japan and abroad to navigate its alleys and decode its mysteries. The audio guide is an illuminating portal into the neighborhood's colorful history and vibrant currents of contemporary pizzaz.
- Roland Kelts, author of Japanamerica

I'm looking forward to the next tour!

By Leon Pierides

I'm always looking for something new to listen to at the office, and these tours were great! I like that they're informative while having music/SFX behind the speaker to keep it entertaining. I'm looking forward to the next tour!

Great !

By Jonelle Patrick

Tokyo Realtime Tours are as good as having a longterm resident insider personally show you around the most interesting neighborhoods in Tokyo.

They are filled with where-the-bodies-are-buried anecdotes, little known but fascinating sights, and tie it all together with historical and cultural commentary that makes it all make sense. After spending an hour with Max and his experts, you'll be an insider too.

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