A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar

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A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar by The Japan Times is the second installment in what many consider to be the most comprehensive resource for Japanese grammar available. It contains in-depth explanations in English and Japanese of approximately 200 grammatical concepts that make up the foundation of the Japanese language.

Organized alphabetically from amari to zo, each grammar point is broken down step by step and includes abundant examples to illustrate context and usage.

The appendix contains useful guides for hard-to-keep-straight grammar concepts, including charts of compound verbs, compound particles, conjunctions and affixes. They also walk you through the rules that govern the transcription of loan words into katakana. Yes, apparently there are rules for that.

Whether studying a textbook, taking a Japanese class or reading your favorite manga, A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar is the ideal companion, covering virtually all essential grammar concepts you are likely to encounter.

We highly recommend A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar.

Also available for basic and advanced students.

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