Everyday Listening in 50 Days: Listening Tasks for Beginners - Vol.1 (w/CDs)

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If you struggle with listening comprehension, Everyday Listening in 50 Days: Listening Tasks for Beginners - Vol.1 can help you up your listening skills. Suited for beginners who are already learning Japanese and have a basic knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, hiragana and katakana, this book brings your listening skills up to par. The book includes 2 CDs and can even be helpful for you if you have studied Japanese to the intermediate level but struggle with listening. The audio includes lots of basic vocabulary, sentence patterns, and language expressions from real-life situations. It’s also a valuable way to increase your understanding of Japanese culture and daily life. The content of all the audio-based listening and comprehension exercises is also included in the text. All kanji used in the book have readings (furigana), however hiragana and katakana are required to use this book.

Everyday Listening in 50 Days: Beginners Vol. 1 lesson structure:

  • Basic drill: Each lesson starts with drills that focus on a specific grammar structure. The drills challenge you to find the right combinations of pictures or find the matching picture to what is being said. You do the drills while listening to the CDs included.
  • Conversation: Next up is a conversation. It is longer than the drills and requires you to understand and remember more information in a short amount of time. The conversation includes the same patterns and structures you learned in the drill section. Illustrations and pictures will help you imagine the situation in a real life situation while you are listening to the CD.
  • Writing section: The last part of a lesson challenges you to write while listening to the CD. Parts of the conversation you listen to are missing. Your task is to fill in the missing words using hiragana and katakana.

Recommended for you if:

  • Listening comprehension is a problem for you.
  • You are proficient in hiragana and katakana.
  • You have knowledge of basic Japanese grammar and vocabulary.
  • Visual aid helps you learn more efficiently.
  • You believe that repetition is the key to success.

Additional information:

  • Script of the CDs included.
  • Knowledge of kanji is not required (all kanji have readings).
ISBN/UPC: 9784893587527
VENDOR: Bonjinsha

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