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NihonShock Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack is an ultra-concise collection of all the information most vital to mastering Japanese, from JLPT N5 to N1 and beyond. Grammar, verb forms, numbers, spoken forms, fluency tips, keigo, kanji… It’s all here, organized elegantly and intuitively on nine beautiful laminated sheets. 

This set contains 339 examples, 238 verb form and grammar sections, 66 list sections, and 55 usages point sections on 9 double-sided laminated sheets that come in a clear file.

Japanese Cheat Sheet Pack includes:

  • Basic Japanese - Specifically targeted at learners studying for the first level of the JLPT
  • Spoken Japanese - Focuses on real-world spoken Japanese
  • Natural Japanese - Preparation for the most common stumbling points for learners of Japanese
  • Beyond Vocabulary - A complete list of conjunctions, set phrases, and idiomatic expressions
  • Numbers & Time - A collection of counters and all types of number uses you will encounter in Japanese
  • Advanced Grammar - Frequently used forms also useful for intermediate learners
  • Advanced Verbs - Details over a hundred different conjugations, forms and usages of verbs
  • Keigo - Covers virtually all the Keigo grammar and vocabulary you will ever need
  • Kanji - Lists 2136 Joyo Kanji so you can quickly scan and review which kanji you should study next

Never before has language information been presented in such a compact, yet easy-to-understand way. It’s your personal map to the vastness of the Japanese language.

VENDOR: NihonShock

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