10-pun de Yomeru Monogatari - 4th Grade (Tales you can read in 10 minutes)

Product Description

10-pun de Yomeru Monogatari - 4th Grade is part of a series of books by Gakken aimed at Japanese 4th graders, typically children aged about 9 years old. The book contains 13 stories appropriate for children - and language learners at around the JLPT N3 level! While not originally meant for foreigners who learn Japanese, this book (and series) let's you experience authentic Japanese, and helps you retain grammar and words you already know while also adding words and kanji you don't know to the mix. If you want a change of pace from your textbook and experience real Japanese, this book is your best bet.

Stories in 10-pun de Yomeru Monogatari 4th Grade:

  • 谷間に光る緑(みどり)の風
  • ツェねずみ
  • ぼくのこと好(す)き?
  • 心に太陽(たいよう)を持(も)て
  • ぬすまれたハンマー
  • ノウサギのふしぎ
  • 貝がら
  • 古典落語(こてんらくご)・転失気(てんしき) 
  • あめ
  • とびこみ
  • 百人一首(ひゃくにんいっしゅ)
  • ロボットそうどう
  • 古典(こてん)・桃太郎(ももたろう)

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to experience real Japanese (as opposed to textbook Japanese).
  • You have a decent knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary (around N4 level)

Additional information:

  • Pages: 159
  • Language: Japanese only
ISBN/UPC: 9784052032271
VENDOR: Gakken