10-pun de Yomeru Ohanashi (Stories You Can Read in Just 10 Minutes) - 2nd Grade

Product Description

10-pun de Yomeru Ohanashi 2nd grade is part of a series of books aimed at Japanese elementary school students. This part is aimed at Japanese 2nd graders, typically children aged about 7 years old. Yes, you read that right: This series is aimed at Japanese elementary school students - not foreigners who learn Japanese. Sounds difficult? The reality is, it is not as difficult as it may sound. 2nd graders still have a rather limited vocabulary, even if Japanese is their native language, and that's what makes this book a great resource for language learners too.

The biggest upside of this book and series is that it is authentic Japanese. No one tried to make it easy for foreigners since no one had foreigners in mind when writing this book. It is written by Japanese, for Japanese, in Japanese. For many language learners, this series could very well be the first source of authentic Japanese. While textbooks are a great way to learn, they often times don't convey the bigger picture. Learning authentic Japanese is essential to succeed in the long run, and this book is an easy way to the world of authentic Japanese.

Stories in 10-pun de Yomeru Ohanashi 2nd Grade:

  • つると かも
  • みみずくと お月さま
  • ほたる
  • ソーセージのくしの スープ
  • 黒わきばら 白いひづめの 子牛さん
  • ねこじゃ おかしいか
  • 一人と 一ぴきの ふしぎ
  • なきむしどうし
  • ゆめだったのかな
  • つくし
  • ゆかいな ホジャおじさん
  • すがたの 見えない ちょう

Recommended for you if:

  • You want to experience real Japanese (as opposed to textbook Japanese).
  • You have a decent knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary (N4+ level)

Additional information:

  • Pages: 177
  • Language: Japanese only
ISBN/UPC: 9784052022043
VENDOR: Gakken