15 Communication Tips for Becoming a Good Speaker & Listener

Product Description

To converse well in a language, it is important to use the correct words and grammatical structures when you speak. However a good conversationalist not only speaks well, but also listens attentively to what the other person says. This textbook is divided into 15 units, each focusing on a specific tip to help you master the art of conversation. There is also an appendix containing answers to the book's exercises, examples and conversation scripts.

Though the theme of the book may seem very general at first, learners will find that it offers many specific and enlightening passages to help you decode Japanese communication patterns and culture. What really sets the book apart is that it also offers many examples to help you effectively convey how *you* feel in different situations.

The surprisingly insightful translations and simple tips coupled with excellent audio samples make this book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to make their Japanese conversations better. 

Pages: 149
Includes: CD
Language: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean

ISBN/UPC: 9784872178241