2015 Nihongo Goiryoku Up Training (Japanese vocabulary improvement training)

Product Description

Nihongo Goiryoku Up Training is a vocabulary intensive study book intended for you to master intermediate-level words to the point you are comfortable using them in daily conversation. Covering over 900 commonly used vocabulary words, you'll not only learn meaning but also context and be quizzed on usage with challenging exercises that require you to compose complete sentences.

In 10 engrossing chapters, you'll cover the following topics: 

  • 電池レンジでチンする ・料理 (food and cooking)
  • 寒気がする・病気、症状 (illness and symptons)
  • カジュアルん感じ・服選び (clothes shopping)
  • 発想力が豊か・性格 (personality traits)
  • 2LDK の構想マンション・家探し (house hunting)
  • 価値観が合う人・結婚 (marriage)
  • 桜が舞う・季節 (the seasons)
  • 猫の手も借りたい・慣用句、ことわざ (idioms and proverbs)
  • 富士山・世界遺産、名所紹介 (world heritage sites and famous places)
  • 50%を占めている・グラフ (graphs)

With charming illustrations and a companion CD for listening and speaking practice, learning new vocabulary becomes a delight and we're sure you'll be confident using them in with your Japanese friends. 

ISBN/UPC: 9784872179316