A Comprehensive Course: Japan and the World (New Edition)

Product Description

This text is designed for Japanese learners preparing for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students). As this book is designed for international students who wish to study in Japan in the undergraduate and/or graduate level, it focuses not only in Japanese Language skills, but more on the basic academic abilities to gauge the students’ abilities to study in a Japanese academic institution.

The new edition is updated to reflect the change of curriculum content by Japanese high schools and also better edited to suit the more modernized syllabus used in the EJU tests to better prepare for the exam. Also, statistics and numbers, and data used in various topics has been updated.

The book approaches comprehensive learning, covering a wide variety of topics, ranging from geography, history, contemporary political and economic theories and practices, as well as international and liberal studies.

The text is divided into two parts: the main text, and a removable booklet containing practice questions for every corresponding chapters of the book, and a compendious mock exam to simulate the real EJU test.

This book also comes with a red film, a tool most Japanese students find very useful in memorizing important vocabulary and details during study time. It’s just so perfect, it hides the crucial parts of the text right before your eyes. Studying has never been this effective, and fun, with this simple yet smart tool.

Also, the important words with translations is available to download free online.

Overall, this book is suitable, not only for students wishing to enter the higher education system in Japan, but also for those who want to challenge their knowledge, and learn basic curriculum the Japanese way!

Pages: main text: 275| supplementary text: 100

Language: Japanese

ISBN/UPC: 9784866390697