A New Approach to Elementary Japanese Vol 2

Product Description

A New Approach to Elementary Japanese is a complete course with a refreshing communicative focus. Rather than centering around memorizing grammar or vocabulary, each chapter in this series aims to teach you how to express something in Japanese. In this way it is well-suited to foreign-exchange students or learners who want to start talking in Japanese right away. 

The second book of this two-book series is broken down into thirteen theme-based units. It covers recreation, the future, abilities, gifts, offering help, visits, and other areas of daily life & conversation. Each chapter is further broken down into personal narratives, grammar and an essay assignment. 

The last part of the book contains a useful appendix of adjectives, verbs, vocabulary and grammar. The final three sections contain a review of basic kanji and writing and grammar worksheets for further practice. 

Languages: Japanese, English
Pages: 167

ISBN/UPC: 9784874245620
VENDOR: Kuroshio