Acquiring Academic Skills: The Listening and Presentation Workbook (w/CD)

Product Description

A workbook to build up your academic skills! Most workbooks are for studying Japanese grammar or expressions. But this book goes further than teaching you just the language. With it help you can boost up your skills in doing a good presentation plus getting more fluent with the Japanese language. This book will improve your listening skills and teach you how to go successfully through a presentation from the beginning up to the question & answer section. This book is composed with two main parts with introductly warming up: -The warming up part: it starts with advices for taking notes of annoucements and how to use abbreviation in the Japanese language. -The part one: it is for basic practice, where you will listen to the CD and study to take notes on the topics effective and fast. -With the applied practice compilation of the 2nd part: you will hear an announcement’s summary and practice asking questions and giving answers about it. By working with this book, you will also gain some deeper understanding of the Japanese culture through topics as: “food poisoning”, “play truant from school”, “present problematic of nurture service”, “the exclusion of childcare systems in enterprises” etc. This book is aimed at intermediate to advanced learners. Page: 141 Language: Japanese

ISBN/UPC: 9784883194261
VENDOR: Three A Network