Audio Companion for Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Volume 1, 3rd Edition (MP3 Download)

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This Audio companion for White Rabbit Press' Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Volume 1, Third Edition includes readings for all the on-yomi, kun-yomi, and vocabulary words in the set. The first 103 (JLPT Level 4) cards are read by Fumiya Ito, a native Japanese male narrator. Cards 104 through 284 are read by Hiromi Hagi a native Japanese female. Please note: This audio companion is for Japanese Kanji Flashcards, Volume 1, Third Edition which only contained 284 cards. This is the edition previous to the current 300-card Japanese flashcard set. 

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Format: MP3 Download
Tracks: 285 (one introduction track + 284 card tracks)
Time: about 3.5 hours
File size: approx. 133 megabytes

Please be aware, this is a downloadable product that is about 133 megabytes in size.  

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VENDOR: White Rabbit Press

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