B.M Black Surgical Face Mask (2 x 5 masks)

Product Description

Wearing a surgical face mask on the street might be strange for foreigners, but it's nothing uncommon in Japan. In fact, it has an effective purpose: You protect yourself and others from being infected. Now you can give these sterile looking hygiene items a fashionable touch. While face masks are usually simply white, these ones will give you a more edgy look.

Designed for single use, the bamboo charcoal masks not only make you stand out in the crowd, but they also protect you from 99.5% of airborne pollen and viruses.

Choose between two sizes - one regular and a slightly smaller one for ladies - and get two packages containing five masks each to protect yourself and be fashion-forward at the same time.

The B.M Black Surgical Face Mask Set features:

Quantity: 2 packs containing 5 masks each (10 masks total)
Size: regular (17.5 x 9cm) or ladies (16.5 x 9cm)
Designed for one-use only

VENDOR: Jiggys Shop