Basic Japanese for Communication: Tsunagu Nihongo Workbook

Product Description

This newly released learning book focuses on Japanese speaking, as a task-priority beginner Japanese learning text. 

The aim of the textbook is for students to become able to communicate at the level necessary to actively participate in society. This book consists of 30 chapters which are divided into two volumes: Basic 1, which contains chapters 1 to 15, and Basic 2, which contains chapters 16 to 30.

After completing this book, you should be able to be at around CEFR A1/A2 level, JLPT N4 Level, with an estimated 2000 words of vocabulary, and 350 kanji letters learned. The book should take about 400-450 hours to complete.

Contains: a red filter transparency sheet to make memorization easier, and also free downloadable audio and picture cards as well as hints for workbooks. 




ISBN/UPC: 9784866390666