Basic Kanji Book Vol. 2 - Basic 500 Kanji

Product Description

So you learned 500 kanji with Volume 1 of the Basic Kanji Book and don't know how to proceed from here? Here's your solution: The Basic Kanji Book Vol. 2- Basic 500 Kanji builds upon volume 1 and doubles your kanji knowledge by providing another 500 basic kanji. If you liked volume 1 of this series, you will be pleased to hear that volume 2 uses the same methods and strategies to teach kanji, so you can simply continue without having to get used to a new structure. Just like its predecessor, Basic Kanji Book Vol. 2 uses a lot of imagery and is systematically structured.

Recommended for you if:

  • You learned your first 500 kanji with the Basic Kanji Book Vol. 1 and want to continue learning.
  • You want to systematically continue your journey of learning kanji.

Additional information:

  • Pages: 268
  • Languages: Japanese
ISBN/UPC: 9784893588838
VENDOR: Bonjinsha