Bunpou Ga Yowai Anata E [Beginner/Inter. Grammar Workbook]

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This is a great book for beginners looking to proceed to the next level! The title translated means, "To you, whose grammar is weak!" Every chapter focuses on a basic/intermediate grammar point, and has clear and very useful exercises that will help you master each point. Oh, and it's fun to use!

It's all in Japanese, so it's not for absolute beginners. It's perfect for someone who has taken a course in Japanese and wants to improve their grasp on the essential Japanese grammar points. It may be challenging at first, especially if you have never used a text that is all in Japanese, but you will soon get used to it and come to love it.

There are reading sections and a ton of exercises. Very highly recommended.

ISBN/UPC: 9784893585134
VENDOR: Bonjinsha

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