Casio EX-word XD-Y9800 Japanese-English Electronic Dictionary w/Stylus (2016 Model)

Product Description

This Casio EX-word XD-Y9800 model is the 2016 version electronic dictionary from Casio, featuring the best dictionaries available for your language to Japanese, and from Japanese to your language. It is available in the following languages:

English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian and Portuguese.
2016 Models BigPoint
• Bigger keys for easy input.

• Save dictionaries you often use to your home screen to make them easier accessible.



528 x 320 full dot-matrix liquid crystal indication

Letter Input Method

Kana, Romaji, Chinese, Korean and Russian input

Character Size on Screen

  • 48 dot, 24 dot, 16 dots for Japanese 
  • 24 dot, 16 dot, 12 dots for English


  • A total of 9 Japanese - Japanese dictionaries are included, among them are:
  • Japanese pronunciation accent dictionary
  • Antonym dictionary
  • Synonym dictionary
  • Modern katakana dictionary


  • The dicitionary includes a total of 22 English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries, among them are:
  • Leader's English-Japanese Dictionary (3rd Edition)
  • Leader's Plus English-Japanese Dictionary
  • Eiwadai New Dictionary 6th Edition
  • Genius English-Japanese Dictionary
  • Oxford Dictionary of English
  • Oxford Dictionary of Idiom
English Travel
  • The dictionary includes a total of 62 English language and travel guides. Among them are:
  • Several English language programs to practice English conversation, pronunciation and listening (aimed at Japanese native speakers).
  • Travel guides for the following language: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Filipino, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Taiwanese.
  • World gourmet dictionary


  • A total of 31 encyclopedias and other learning materials are included, among them are:
  • Japanese History Encyclopedia
  • World history Encyclopedia
  • Collection of Famous English Speeches
  • Royal English Grammar with Complete Examples of Usage
  • Royal English Grammar for Practical Expressiveness
  • Taishukan Collection of Classic Literature
  • Taishukan Encyclopedia of Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • Taishukan Encyclopedia of Classical Literature
  • Obunsha Encyclopedia of Biology
  • Obunsha Encyclopedia of Chemistry

Life and Practical Application

  • 30 dictionaries from the category life and practical application are included, among them are:
  • Nipponika Encyclopedia
  • Britannica Encyclopedia
  • National Geographics Visual Encyclopedia
  • Sports terminology Dictionary
  • Letter examples collection
  • Speech examples collection

Practice and Information

  • The Practice and Information section contains a total of 17 resources, including the following:
  • Nikkei Business Economics and Management Glossary
  • 50 Management Tips
  • Dictionary of 4,000 Basic Economics and Business Terms
  • Encyclopedia for Business


  • Genius Japanese-English Index
  • 2,000 Japanese Literature 
  • 1,000 works of World Literature
  • 1, 000 Classic Songs

Additional Functions

  • Scroll pad
  • Double Card Slot
  • Abundant search functions which can be utilized quickly and easily
  • Multiple dictionary example search
  • Multiple dictionary jump function
  • Example forming phrase jump search
  • Word register function/history search
  • Japanese & English keyword example search
  • Chinese character partial reading search
  • Spelling search and common phrase search
  • Preview and layout change function
  • Back light, 3 letter sizes, favorite dictionary register function
  • Two input methods for ON/OFF function, automatic power off
  • Dictionary key direct power source ON function and resume
  • Phonetic sign indication and simple search mode change
  • 12 column portable calculator
  • Ultra-high-density liquid crystal (touch panel), large screen longhand panel
  • EX-VOICE, voice CD taking function
  • Display vertical writing function
  • Highlighter word card, study notebook function (memory card/wordbook/finding memo)

Power Source

2 X AA batteries

Electric Battery Life

Up to 180 hours depending on frequency of use of back light and voice function 


Depth 105 x width 148 x height 17 mm (thinnest section when closed), height 197 mm (thickest section when closed)


Approximately 265 g (battery included)


  • One stylus 
  • USB cable
  • 2 X AA batteries

Please note:
Knowing Hiragana is prerequisite to use any of the electronic dictionaries we are selling.
If you don't already know hiragana, please consider purchasing our set of "Kana Flashcards" along with this product.

Keep in mind:
When you look up a word from English to Japanese, the results come back written in Japanese (kanji, hiragana and katakana). Using the jump function you can quickly find what you are looking for, but it may pose an initial challenge (especially to beginners.)

This dictionary ships globally by EMS (Express Mail Service) with tracking and insurance. EMS shipments usually arrive in about 3-5 business days