For people having trouble with listening - Chokai Ga Yowai Anata E [Beginner/Inter. Listening Workbook] (W/CD)

Product Description

Another fun book from the people who brought you "Bunpo Ga Yowai Anata E" - this book is part of the series designed to help beginners make the jump to intermediate Japanese.

The focus of this book is "choukai" - listening comprehension. The book comes with an audio CD. Whether you want to improve your listening skills, or you're preparing for the listening section of the JLPT exam, this book will help you.

Unlike most other listening-oriented text/workbooks, in this book you get to practice listening in a variety of different exercises (not just the repetitive JLPT-style listening problems).

Each unit begins with an exercise that will help you practice understanding spoken numbers, dates and more. Next, listen to a passage and write in the missing words. That is followed by a series of listening comprehension passages and questions.

This series of books is designed for beginners who have already studied Japanese and who are poised to pass through to intermediate-level studies. It is not for lower-level beginners.

Chokai Ga Yowai Anata E is all in Japanese. An answer key is provided.

ISBN/UPC: 9784893585219
VENDOR: Bonjinsha