Dameneko Cat Jumpsuit with Pet Pouch

Product Description

Unihabitat, has taken their popular Mewgaroo Hoodie one step further with the all new Dameneko, a pouched, cat-kangaroo hybrid full body jumpsuit offering cuteness and comfort for both human and pet.

Cat ear hoodie, paw print sleeves with thumb loop, and soft “fur” from head to toe, you’re one with the cats in Dame Neko. No one will be able to tell the difference. And it’s not just comfortable for you with its loose stretch fit, a cozy marsupial pouch is sure to be kitty’s new favorite spot as they snuggle up to your warm belly.

Black and White/Grey are available in M or L size. Tiger and Tortoiseshell are freesize (one size fits all) only. Please see images for more details on size.

Dameneko is made from 100% Polyester. 


ISBN/UPC: 4589946132816
VENDOR: Unihabitat
Tiger (Tora)
Tortoiseshell (Mike)